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Home is Where the Cat Is

There are so many cats that need a new home. Could you give one their forever home? Sadly, winter is a busy time for the volunteers at the Hemel Hempstead and Berkhamsted branch of the Cats Protection charity. ‘We currently have a waiting list of those needing to come into our care and once we […]

Living Magazines dog-friendly places to eat

Furry Friends Welcome

We’ve tracked down the best dog-friendly places to eat in the area, so you don’t have to! The nights are drawing in and the temperatures are dropping – but your doggy still needs a walk! So what do you do when you’re out and about with your pooch and you want to stop somewhere for […]

Living Magazines Pets Eating Raw Food

The Raw Food Debate

Feeding cats and dogs raw food is on the rise – but are you putting your family at risk? Over the last few years the number of people feeding their pets raw food has risen significantly, with freezer sections full of raw meat, bones and organs springing up in most supermarkets. Known as the BARF […]

Living Magazines Dog Behaviour

Nip It In The Bud

Here’s a great article by dog training and behaviour specialist, Hanne Grice. Five words that sum up an owner’s frustration about their dog’s problem behaviour. Five words I have heard so often if they were airmiles I would be heading to the States right now. Five words that also make me twitch… Can unwanted behaviour […]

Living Magazine Pet dog in bed

Home is Where the Pet Is

Pets can get lonely if left alone. Here are some ideas to keep them happy while you’re out of the house. Just like us humans, pets like company. Dogs in particular enjoy the company of other dogs and people. Of course, it depends on the individual animal, as well as their breed, age and experiences, […]

Living Magazines running dog

Pets For Health

Having a pet is more rewarding than you think – your furry friends can help improve your health too As a nation, we’re pet mad. Last year, a survey showed that a whopping 45% of Brits owned a pet, with 26% owning a dog and 18% owning a cat. But it’s not just their cute, […]

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Keep Your Pets Safe

We all adore our little furry friends – but do you know how to keep them safe? Here’s our handy guide We’re a nation of pet lovers – but how many of us know exactly what to do if our beloved pet gets into danger? Whether it’s eating the wrong things, getting ill or going missing, it’s important to know the […]